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Rhythmic Ribbon of Texas

A complete program for rhythmic gymnasts, skating professionals and dancers.


Rhythmic Ribbon of Texas is a year-around developmental rhythmic gymnastics program where every child is special and welcome. We offer Beginner Classes, Recreational Classes, Competitive Team training, and Multipurpose Flexibility Class.  Our Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics program was designed to introduce children to Rhythmic Gymnastics and help them to find out what this sport is all about!​

This program provides girls and ladies with training that help buildup and maintain their fitness and body figures in the best shapes.

Beginner Classes

This program is based on USAG Rhythmic levels 1 and 2 program and focused on learning fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope to develop eye-hand coordination. Classes Sunday 10-11:30am and Tuesday 6:30-8pm.

Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics

This program benefits the participants the most. The girls can acquire maximum flexibility and strength, physically, mentally and artistically. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Games sport. The program trains girls with competitive disciplines, at many levels.

Rhythmic Gymnastics for Day Care

This is a very fun and creative class. This program provides pre-kindergarten kids boys and girls fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope to develop eye-hand coordination.

Multi-Sport Flexibility

This program was specially designed for rhythmic gymnasts, ballerinas, dancers, and ice skaters. Its not only increases flexibility, but also improves line, lift and performance quality, while conditioning the body to prevent injuries. So this class is a great tool for any sports.

What People Say


My babies tried rhythmic gymnastics summer camp for the first time:-) Girls had challenge and fun. They want to come back:) Thank you, Rhythmic Ribbon of Texas


Ella, I loved your girls’ performance! It was an extraordinary addition to the International Festival. And SO very Russian! We received so many compliments about your performance and we appreciate that you made our festival a blast. I can confidently say that the quality of the event was something the city of Dallas can be proud of and hope to see you all next year! THANK YOU for being with us!!!
Anne Marie
My daughter loves her rhythmic gymnastics camp! Great combination of gymnastics, art crafts and games.
Thanks coach Ella


My daughter has been going to Ella’s stretching class once a week for over 6 months. Ella is very knowledgeable with all the muscle of the body and how to stretch to improve my daughter’s body. I can tell big difference with my daughter’s progress. Ella is also passionate teacher. She teaches with all her hearts! My daughter loves her very much although the lesson can be difficult sometimes. We hope to take more lesson with her. We definitely recommend Ella for any athletes!!!


Awesome work Ella, always keep your faith, good nature and most of all your spirit, because one day all your ‘girls’ will remember and thank you in their own special ways! We say, continue on with your work and greatest successes an goals for all your school! Sincerely


Dear Ella,

“Thank you” is just the beginning of what I would like to say to you with regards to helping my daughter. She has learned so much from you in such a short amount of time. You have helped her set her goals and helped her realize that she can accomplish them. You not only taught her the physical skills in training, but the mental skills to realize her potential.

With Thanks from the heart


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Rhythmic Ribbon of Texas

4260 Eldorado Parkway
McKinney, TX 75070

Coach Ella - (718) 689-2469

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